As a family-run company, we position ourselves in this industry firstly as a family and a community, and secondly as leading experts in our field.

As part of the Global Clothing Industry, we aim to be recognized as the go-to partner for fashion brands seeking Quality, Reliability and Innovation. As a service-driven organization, we distinguish ourselves by a hands-on, expertise-based approach in bringing our Clients’ vision to life.

To bring innovation to brands, making sourcing effortless and reliable.
Our values
Our values define the way in which we operate and are the foundations of our success:

People Matter

‘People’ are our Employees and the Employees of our Clients and Suppliers - together they constitute the heart of our business. Because our Talent is our most essential asset, we continuously invest in their working conditions, training, medical support and other benefits so they can take the best care of our Clients.

Our Clients are the most important part of our business

The purpose of our work is to deliver a product that meets our client´s expectations and brings a positive experience to the end customer.

We believe that delivering the right Quality at the right Time and the right Price - while providing effective solutions and the highest service levels - is the best way to establish and maintain a valuable relationship with our Clients.

Quality with added value

At Pedrosa & Rodrigues SA we believe that Quality must be universal and thoroughly imbedded in all of our activities, as well as reflect our Clients’ expectations and competitiveness.

Ethics in business

Many of our Employees and Suppliers have been working side by side with us since the day Pedrosa & Rodrigues SA opened its doors for the first time in 1982. Loyalty and ethics are key factors when it comes to building a sustainable future for our business.

Business sustainability and growth

Our business and management choices aim to achieve sustainability on the long-term and stimulate growth. However, the company’s sustainability will not be put at risk by our desire to grow our business.

Long-term sustainable relationships

We believe that human and business relationships should always stand on a long-term perspective of cooperation. We pride ourselves in our culture of loyalty and integrity and recognize the importance of every individual in the achievement of collective success.

Respect for the supply chain

We acknowledge the importance of each element of the supply chain, so our best efforts go into aligning ourselves with them in order to meet our Clients’ expectations. Respecting the interests of everyone involved, we face challenges with openness and a constructive attitude.