Off-the-shelf, sustainable raw materials

All our raw materials can be sourced using sustainable, recycled and/or organic fibres, regardless of the fabric structure.

Recycled raw materials originate from a variety of sources: textile waste, post-consumer waste, plastic retrieved from the sea and also organic sources. Custom blends are available in some cases.

All recycled yarns are produced under strict Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and 3rd party certifications.

Brand circularity products

We offer exclusive, custom-made circularity projects upon request. These projects simultaneously contribute to reducing our industry´s environmental footprint and provide brands with new creative angles.

Technical support & training is available.

In-house generated sustainable raw materials

Because we only use the finest quality raw materials, our cutting leftovers make up for the best pre-consumer waste for recycling.

Our cutting waste can be collected, segregated and then reprocessed into high quality recycled yarn and fabrics.

We use water-free, mechanical recycling processes in compliance with GRS, OCS, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification guidelines.

Organic dyes

We offer an extensive range of organic dyes. Whether roll-dyed, garment dyed or using special handmade effects, organic dyes come in a wealth of options, plus custom colours which are also available upon request.
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