Pedrosa & Rodrigues, S.A. adopts the most technologically advanced equipment available. We consistently invest in staff training in order to respond to an ever-challenging market.

We use the following systems:

— iOT Embedded Hardware

Gerber Automatic Roll Out: automatic labelling of pieces to be cut; to eliminate sizing error and allow materials to be rolled out without tension.

Gerber Automated Sample Cutting to obtain perfectly cut samples.

Automatic Striped Cutting: Cutting machine with advanced software that allows an automatic and positioned / stripe fabric cut for outstanding stripe matching.

Metal detector: guarantees that metallic parts (such as ends of broken needles) will not be found inside a garment.

Spectrophotometer: evaluates material colour differences.

Fabric inspection equipment identifies fabric defects and shading before fabrics reach the cutting department.

Augmented reality measurements QC: creates reports with measurements applied over the garments using augmented reality.

Realtime control panels throughout all production & sampling departments for full traceability and priorities management.

— Software Systems

CAD/CAM and Silhouette Gerber System for absolute rigour in pattern execution and cutting process.

Gerber 3D patter making & 3D fitting allows prototype development and fitting without physical sample.

Clo3D rendering allow for prototype development using software generated realistic images of your styles.

ERP / Textile Management GM: integrated management of the entire production process that evaluates the different phases that orders undergo, while providing access to all kinds of financial information.

360º prototype management system: platform for sample development & production management allowing for critical path implementation, process traceability and lead time development.

Critical path monitoring and planning software: software that allows project management approach to each PO.

Cloud based QC system: total tracking of quality related performance and events.

ICF fabric cutting management system for cutting operations management and batch traceability.

— Patented sewing techniques

As of 2021 Pedrosa filed for intellectual protection / patents of several sewing and construction techniques for:

— Volume control of seams
— Transparency effects
— Overlapping of materials & garment reversibility
— Stone washed garments
— Combination of structurally incompatible fabrics

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